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I’m a copywriter and editor with more than a decade of experience, primarily writing for nonprofit organizations. 

I spent five years in charge of the writing for Friends of the National Zoo, the former nonprofit partner of the National Zoo. Here are some things we accomplished while I was there:

  • We beat the all-time record during our annual membership drive
  • We raised double the fundraising goal to purchase an animal ambulance
  • I put together and implemented the communications strategy to announce the dissolution of the partnership between the zoo and FONZ.
    • This included formal letters, website copy, press releases, blog posts, social posts, FAQs, and more

I have led a games newsletter for AARP, reported and wrote articles for George Mason University, and put together daily deals for the coupon site LivingSocial. I’ve written hard news for a small-town newspaper and humor pieces for McSweeney’s.

In short, I’ve written lots of things for lots of places, utilizing lots of different writing voices.

But there is one major similarity: no matter what, the writing is designed to make an impact, inspire people, and get results.

Whether the result is a gift, a membership, a rundown of important information, or even a laugh, that’s the end goal.

So let’s inspire people and get results together.